Financial Services

Don't Have a Full-Time Accountant on Staff?

Don't Have a Full-Time Accountant on Staff?

Get financial services from a professional CPA in Franklin, TN

You can't properly plan for the future of your business without knowing every detail of your financial situation. If you need business financial services in Franklin, TN, turn to Terry Hendrixson, CPA. I've been helping small businesses for decades and have the skills to take care of everything from tracking financial information to budgeting and planning for the future.

Whether you just want help with simple bookkeeping or need a partner who can help you create a solid financial strategy for your business, you can depend on me for professional CPA services. Schedule a consultation by calling my office at 615-595-4298.

The services I provide

The average business goes through thousands of transactions a year. Tracking and understanding all the numbers is complicated. I offer a wide range of financial services so you don't have to worry about the math. I can provide...

  • Financial and retirement planning. I'll help you set and achieve your goals by estimating expenses, managing assets and risk and creating a strong savings program.
  • General bookkeeping services. I can help record your business transactions and reconcile your accounts and ledgers to get your information up to date.
  • Financial advising. From cash flow and budgeting analysis to debt evaluations and financial forecasting, I'll help you examine and update your financial strategy to help your business be as successful as possible.
  • Business valuation. If you want an accurate and current valuation of your business, I can gather the necessary data.

I can also help guide you through business mergers and acquisitions if you want to make sure your business is getting a fair deal. Call Terry Hendrixson, CPA today for experienced CPA services in Franklin, Tennessee.